Personal yoga classes in Kiev – at home (with you or with a coach), in the office or in a rented studio. Personal yoga classes at home with teacher is the most convenient and effective option, without a need to get away from important things, spend time and money on a trip to the studio.

Personal yoga classes online. We can use any online social service with video connection (Skype, Facebook, Telegram, Viber, Instagram etc.)

Corporative yoga classes in Kiev (yoga in the office or rented studio) or corporative yoga online (Zoom, Skype, Instagram).

– Creating a personal yoga program for self practice.

All of these options may include the practice of hatha yoga (asanas, pranayama, meditation), yoga nidra, relaxation, joint gymnastics, mindfulness techniques, psychotherapeutic techniques in conjunction with yoga, and so on.

Personal lessons are fully adapted to the student’s request, health status, age, gender, the initial level of student practice (yoga for beginners, yoga for advanced practitioners, yoga for coaches).

Prices for English-speaking yoga classes begin from UAH 700

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(Viber, Telegram)